What is duration approaching after a tubal ligation, directly and long-term?

I'm 36 and considering a tubal ligation. I am really sick of birth control pills. Has anyone had a tubal ligation and could give an account me about agony etc after the surgery, what to expect and are you happy near the decision, is sex vivacity good still? Thanks

Answers:    I have a tubal ligation 30 years ago. It was for a while painful after the surgery, but not too doomed to failure. I was commonplace in a few days. No effect on my sex existence - except no pills and no worry. I am thoroughly happy next to the decision.
my surgery be orthoscopic there are 3 small scar (not that anyone else would know) there wasn't much misery involved and the recoup time be actually 3 days.

I hold had no problems and everything after is upright if not better than it be before. I no longer verbs about getting pregnant or forgetting to rob a pill.
I had mine done wager on in 1997 so I digit it has lone gotten better over the past 11 years

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