Birth Control quiz?

I am taking birth control for acne. I just started it. How long do you have a sneaking suspicion that it'll take since I notice a halt in my breakouts?

Answers:    Generally when I've taken BC, the doc's will other tell you to try it out for the first 3 months. As far as the menstrual cycle getting used to the change in hormones go, it takes in the order of 3 cycles for your body to get used to it. (sometimes you'll quality sick to your stomach during the first month or two of a new prescription and later you're used to it and it's okay by the 3rd month)

To see results for acne, I'm not entirely sure, but I'd still guess to wait at most minuscule 1-3 months to get your body used to the hormones surrounded by your system, considering a hormone imbalance is division of what can cause acne. If they walk away earlier than that, afterwards cool, but I'd still guess that the time it takes your body to procure used to hormones is the same whether it have to do with your menstrual cycle or fatty skin.

good luck :)
distribute it a month. The body needs to adjust. you should identify a difference in roughly speaking a month

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