Pregnancy cross-examine ?

Has to do with my daughter-in-law - her doctor is keeping a keep watch on on her blood pressure and is sending her to the hospital for some tests . There is concern of blood pressure , borderline diabetes and toxemia . Is that drastically serious?

Answers:    gestational diabetes will go away after the pregnancy ends, it's a requirement sign that she might be diabetic later surrounded by life though. i know toxemia/pre-eclampsyia is serious but is usually avoided through induced labor. they'll probably hold on to monitoring the protein in her urine and own her monitor her blood sugar. it's not fun but it's best for her and the baby.
It can be which is why she is human being sent to the hospital. She obviously have a good, competent OB/GYN - be obliged. All these things can be harmful to her and the babe-in-arms.

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