Gardasil and cervical cancer...Mothers of Teenage Girls answer PLEASE!?

I feel it is still to soon to trust that here are not SERIOUSLY Negative side-effects to this Gardasil craze,I'm not too keen on immunization as a whole anyway,I know I'm untrained to use my 13 and 17 year old daughters as guinea pigs for the drug promote this drug that is to say still not in my inference safe...You Moms of Teenage girls what are your mood?

Answers:    While I'm not a mother, I am in my untimely 20s and many of my friends own gotten the vaccination. Personally, I would not agree to your daughters get it for a smallest a couple of years until the drug companies are 100% sure of the side affects. One of my friends just get the 3rd and final installment of Gardasil and has complained of her heart hurting for just about a week. She went posterior to her doctor and he said that it was "purely the vaccine". Again, I would wait. Also, Gardasil with the sole purpose prevents less than HALF of the cervical cancer strands. So even if your girls did grasp the shot, they could still contract cervical cancer.

In addition to adjectives of this: my father hated vaccines and would never tolerate me get any shots ancient the age of 4 (I'm healthy!). If you aren't too ardent on immunizations I would steer clear of Gardasil.
Well im not a mom but i did recive the Vaccine. Here surrounded by Canada the only rationale my mom made me get it be because Canada is very strict in the order of the vaccine's they allow here and they test them alot. and i havent have 1 side affect and when i got them i be fine so i would totally reccomend it. For every vaccine out there here is a first person to receive it . I would rather be infertile or something resembling that then die from the disease( Cervical Cancer) I deduce the benefits far out way the risks. HPV is so esily contracted & cervical cancer kill fast. I would do it if I have a girl. I'm even thinking about vaccinate my son if they approve it for them (they're working on this now).
Ooooo no no no Gardisia is not a trustworthy vaccine. In fact, i give attention to with adjectives the serious conditions that apply after getting it, that it is absolutely ridiculous that they are mandate it to 9-26 year olds. It causes complications similar to paralysis, seizures vile serious problems. i wouldnt get that if i be you! There ARE serious concerns about Gardasil.

If I be in the age compass or had a daughter who be, I'd refuse to hold this vaccine administered.

I've seen closely of sites about Gardasil, and I'm saddened to see those flocking their young daughters to find this guinea pig shot.

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