How do youget over PMS Blues?

I have really impossible PMS blues I cry unconsolably and think roughly sad stuff and perceive really bad what to do?

Answers:    Do something you relish doing! Go out and buy a book you've been gist to read, go see a movie, hang out beside your girlfriends, eat foods low surrounded by salt. If you be aware of the need to cry, it's okay, turn on lifetime and examine a couple of movies and get your cry on. But be sure to do something you similar to as well, try to receive out and do something fun.
apparently I don't! I thought I was managing it very well enough, but lately my husband have been pointing out to me when I'm passageway more emotional than usual, and it is a few days before my time of year. Crazy. I don't notice a difference, but he sure does!

We've both notice that it's under much better control when I exercise regularly and drink a ton of marine.

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