[Yazmin Birth Control Question] When Will My Period Go Away?

I Had Tooken 3 INACTIVE PILLS & Decided I Didn't Want My Period Because Somethin Came Up & Didn't Want It This Weekend. & So I Stopped Taking The WHITE Pills & Started Taking The YELLOW ACTIVE PILLS The 4th Day I Was Supposed To Take A WHITE Pill.

I Took The 1st White Pill On SUN...2nd One On MON...3rd One On TUE.

& Then Took A Yellow Pill On WED & THUR.

I Was Spotting Yesterday & This Morning. & All Of A Sudden...Like 30 Minutes Ago...I Got My Period FULLY. =(

Does Anyone Know How Long It's Goin To Take To Go Away Since I'm Not Taking The White Pills Anymore!?

At Least Back To Spotting!! =(

Thanx For The Answers In Advance!

Answers:    As long as you don't miss any active pills you should still be protected from pregnancy.

Skipping period can be tricky. You might have a lighter, shorter extent this month, but you can't stop in the middle of your extent - you have to newly keep taking the moving pills.

This doesn't work for everyone. I tried to skip my period once and while I didn't receive my period, for the subsequent three weeks I was expelling mature, brown blood. My doctor told me that some people aren't competent to skip - they just enjoy a period every month.

Good luck!
Once your spell has started, you can't stop it midway. The body have to expel the uterine lining.

You can postpone your interval but only earlier you actually start expelling the inside layer.
even skipping one pill can make you start spotting. your flow will probably be for a time shorter than usual though.

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