Whats cervical cancer?

how do girls know they have it? do women die from it? can the shot in actuality help prevent it?

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Cervical cancer is detected from Pap Smears done by a doctor and those cells evaluated below a microscope by a pathologist. If a woman has any of the symptoms of cervical cancer, it is an advanced cancer.

Women do die from it.

"About 3,670 women will die from cervical cancer contained by the United States during 2007."


The shot is used to prevent HPV, which is the number one cause of cervical cancer. HPV is one of those cruel things that women can get from sexual amusement.
It's cancer of your cervix, which is the first part of your uterus. It's diagnosed because it shows up on a pap smear. The shot doesn't prevent against adjectives cervical cancer's, but it vaccinates against a disease to be exact responsible for a good percentage of cervical cancer cases. A lot of the time cervical cancer is curable by surgery. Lots of women die of it- it have about a 50% fatality rate. That is why it is really defining to go for regular pap smears- even if you hold had the shot as the shot single protects against the most common strains of the virus that rationale cervical cancer (you could contract a rarer strain). Most women have no symptoms, thus the rush of smears. Some people hold back affliction, bleeding between periods and aching during intercourse but these are common symptoms of other conditions too and lots of race who are diagnosed with cervical cancer have no symptoms. Roughly 1 in 123 women will develop cervical cancer, so its worth getting the inoculation and having regular pap smears.
Basically adjectives of it is cause from HPV (Human Papilloma virus) otherwise agreed as Genital Warts.

You get it from have sex with a guy who have HPV.
The problem is, guys don't know they have it - it's not marked, they actually hold to be checked by a doctor to be sure, and it's really common, undesirably.
You wouldn't be able to explain to if a guy had it by looking.
Ask your guy to transmit his doctor he wants to be checked for EVERY STD. I did, and I passed 100% verbs!
I can't believe they don't do this as a routine, frankly. It's crazy that they don't ever check guys, or that there's not some equivalent of a gynecologist for men.

This is why the medical community is so excited about this brand new HPV vaccine that they're trying to get adjectives girls to get - it prevents them getting infected, so they won't gain cervical cancer later on!

You should really ask your doc about this, it could amass your life someday!
I don't know extraordinarily much about the vaccine (it's still pretty topical on the market), but cervical cancer is a change inside the cells of the cervix. A pap smear is a check that is done usually once a year by any your family practice doctor/nurse practitioner or gynecologist/nurse midwife. The cell that are collected from that swab are sent off to a lab and looked at below a microscope. If any of the cells look unexpected your healthcare provider will contact you for either a follow up oral exam or for possible biopsy. If left untreated any cancer can become life-threatening.
Good luck to you in your quest for expertise. you have to be sexually involved to get it
yes the shot prevents it
Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix. You are diagnosed by a medical professional near a procedure called a biopsy - a biopsy is perform sometimes when you have one or more peculiar results from your routine pap smears. Yes, women can die from it - untreated cancer spreads to other areas of the body. However, cervical cancer is VERY treatable, it just usually involves removing quantity of the cervix which can complicate future pregnancies.

The shot help prevent a virus called HPV (you may know this as genital warts) which is a influential cause of cervical cancer. It will not prevent adjectives types of cervical cancer, but it will greatly reduce your risk.

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and surrounded by my opinion, boys as in good health as girls should be vaccinated (since girls GET IT from boys...)

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