Unusually lofty sex drive surrounded by women?

Is it normal for a womans sex drive to be greater during ovulation? i have a normal/high sex drive usually and during ovulation i own like a stupidly soaring sex drive?

Answers:    Yup... part of the procreation process. Your hormones are elevated to increase the likelihood of fertilization. During the time when you are most fertile not only do you enjoy an increased sex drive, but there are also physical change noticeable to the in front of sex. Studies have shown that during this time, your skin will own a more rosy appearance, your breasts will be slightly fuller, and sometimes, you will even act sexier than you typically do.
It's all section of biology...
I think it depends on respectively different woman. It happens to me too, but a moment ago once in a while Your body wishes to be fertilized at ovulation so it is telling you to enjoy sex. Good for you having a giant sex drive. Enjoy but, use protection!
me too...always own. lol..maybe youre a scorpio? Please read:


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