Pregnancy possible?

Okay. Here it is. I am on birth control. The same stuff since May. It is Loestrin Fe 24. I have have no period concluding month or this month. I took a pregnancy test a couple weeks ago and it be negative. Is it possible to bring a negative result due to man on the pill? Going to take the other one over the weekend. Should I stop taking the pill for a week and consequently take the interview? I haven't had any other "pregnancy" symptoms unless increased appetite is one of them!

Answers:    if you haven't be taking the pill correctly you could be pregnant. the pill is also not effective if you are taking antibiotics so you can become pregnant while you are taking them. i wouldnt recomment stopping taking it for a week because it is intended to be taken in a constant way. i definately dream up you should get it checked out because largely taking the pill keeps your period regular
the pill can make your interval do all kind of crazy things?

if you have be taking them right, you shouldn't be preggie.
Missing a period could be for reason other than pregnancy, including stress, solidity loss/gain, etc. I would call your doctor and engender an appointment - it can't hurt to check it out!

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