Is it typical for women contained by rash 30s to lose their sex drive?

I am almost 30 and my fiance is almost 31. We have be together for a year and a half very soon and engaged. Im concerned in the region of our sex life cuz its decline alot. i have a especially high sex drive and i want it at lowest twice a day as a masculine and hers is the opposite. we used to own sex alot during the beginning, very soon its gotton to be 1 time in two weeks if im lucky. I dont want to cheat on her cuz its not have sex is what matters, its doing it next to her. . I am wondering if it gets better or worse. She is other stressed from work and she no longer has a working thyroid which she take medication for the rest of her life. do any of these facts hold something to do with her sex drive? Im concerned cuz i love her remarkably much and she is gonna be my wife?

Answers:    the thyroid and/or meds may have a large amount to do with it. but stress can bear tolls on the drive, too. i think (as far as my experience goes) that it is everyday as the relationship extends through time. it must be normal because ive repeatedly heard of ancestors saying "go and get the spark back" or "reignite the passion" etc...
i wish you the best of luck. and sway in here.
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Okay, Yahoo is having trouble next to their link system, so you'll enjoy to copy and paste it into your browser. It's celebrated and interesting, though, concerning women's sex drives.

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First, trade name sure you compliment her - her looks, her comments, etc., etc., etc. Make sure you hold her hand and touch her in need it leading to sex. Make sure when she speaks that you put the daily, cell phone, x-box, etc., aside and really listen to her. Make sure you don't respond to her with one word answers. If she asks you a query, answer it and then turn it around and ask her. For example, if she asks if loud relatives bother you, answer then ask if they bother her. That's probably why she asked, she requests to talk more or less the loud person who bothers her.

No affection adjectives day after expecting sex at bedtime just is not how women work.

Also, the thyroid piece can cause such a problem. Various meds - especially antidepressants - can raison d`¨ētre loss of sexual interest. Stress can be the problem.

If a man is not attentive in bed - brand sure she gets as much pleasure as you do even if it manner through creative measures (read up on it).

Seems like you're a polite guy. Hope the two of you are very smiling together. Good luck!
um ya it might be the medication, because from what i've heard women hit their sexual mount in their 30's, so she should be close to all over you right more or less now. Tell her your concern, its a do thing, sex and the intimacy is hugely important within a relationship. Couples that have sex regularly are opening less moody and don't face-off as much. Try to surprise her, do something special. Have her talk to her doctor, she should be concerned as very well about this. Oh and not getting it every daytime is no reason to cheat on anyone, so converse about it next to her, you can't fix what you don't talk something like. you don't turn her on . best ya do some home work be for ya get married
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Yes, normal.

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