Women: Have you ever missed work or institution because your PMS be so very bad?

Answers:    Yep. But not recently. Bad PMS's are said to be due to overproduction of prostaglandins (sub-hormones that assist blood to clot, muscles to cramp, etc). Prostaglandin production is increased by increased production of insulin ('cause insulin escorts glucose and hose (bloat) into the cells and thus increases the production of anything the cell produces). Insulin production increases when estrogen production decreases (don't ask me why - to be precise what the experts say), and estrogen production decreases to signal the body to enjoy a menstrual period.

Now that we know this, we in recent times have to drink foods in the two weeks prior to the spell that discourages insulin overproduction to have easier PMS's.

And - as others enjoy said - exercise ('cause that helps fall off insulin production, too).
No. When PMS interferes with regular goings-on then it's not common. You need to return with on medication if you are in that variety of pain. Also it's not an excuse to miss gym, because exercise relieves cramps. very well only when my cramps be really bad, but if they are desperate every month, you might wanna get checked or something :D
I hold never skipped work or school, but I hold skipped other things, like dinner or movies near friends.

But I agree with the poster above...exercise does formulate it feel 20 times better than merely laying curled up within a ball on the bed...which I know is adjectives you want to do at that point. Take some midol and exercise to feel better...afterwards go to work!
Yes, but single once. It was because I have really bad cramps and really impossible nausea. mine used to be really bad ego miss school and it would even net me sick my dr put my on birth control pills and its helped greatly
I have considered necessary to but I don't.
Just chill out, don't drink coffee, and stick it out.
If it's really bad, ask your doctor. There are medication to help your symptoms.
I achieve really heavy bleeding and move about through two boxes of tampons. I have cramps so discouraging I take torment killers and I'm home from conservatory laying surrounded by bed with my foot up almost 3 out of the 5 days of school when I'm on my time yah i have because i acquire migranes

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