I enjoy a few question around Birth Control?! PLEASEEE.?


anyone thats on them please help!
okay, so i'm going contained by for a "consultation" on monday to the adolesent clinic. now, will they put me on the pill monday? or will i hold to wait? the subsequent open appointment is march past... and i CAN NOT wait that long. but, my mom doesn't want me going to a regular gyno because she doesn't want me getting the full pelvic exam. I'm a virgin. It's for cramps.

Now, near has be some rumors about me and this kid have sex. TOTALLY NOT TRUE. ): but, he thinks i'm truism it ? it's a totally long story. But. How do I keep it a restricted when we go on multiple overnight class trips ? and, similar to. this really isn't the time for people to find out!

andddd. what if relations find out?! what should i say? how do i put these rumors to rest!

Answers:    Having ominous cramps could be a sign of something wrong like endometriosis. I know since I enjoy it. Please see http://www.endocenter.org and review their material.
Any doctor who puts you on the pill minus doing an exam is not a good doctor. How do you know nearby isn't a problem that is cause the cramps?

You don't say how weak you are. You can take the pill in need anyone knowing. You put your pills in your toiletry sack, and when you go into the bathroom to give somebody a lift a shower you take the pill near a couple sips of water. You will hve to pilfer the pill at the same time every hours of daylight, so you'll hve to think something like what time of day would be easiest for you and stick to it.
People don't enjoy to know it's a BC pill. It's none of their business but if they ask, you can say it's something for your sickening cramps.

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