Advice something like tubal ligation please?

I am considering a tubal ligation as I am now 36 and categorically don't want to have more children (I hold 2). What is the surgery and pain close to afterwards? How did it affect your life otherwise? Thank you!

Answers:    The surgery requires solitary about 3 stitches, usually surrounded by your belly button, and you go home impossible to tell apart day, I enjoy never had a forgiving complain of severe post-op pain, you may require strong affliction meds for only a daylight or two. But, please consider this, a large percentage of women who enjoy tubal ligation end up next to horrible, irregular, painful, brawny, etc. periods after their surgery. Then you shutting down up having to pilfer birth control pills to lighten and regulate your interval, or you might end up beside a hysterectomy if the pill doesn't work. Don't know about you, but I thought most women who acquire a tubal do so so that they don't have to embezzle a pill everyday! So, you pay tons of $ for the tubal surgery, and still cease up on birth control pills! The Dr. I work for has stopped doing that surgery because a immense majority of our patients ended up have to have a hyst. due to the problems beside their periods(and it's not got anything to do next to the way she perform the procedure) even patients that come in as tentative patients with a prior tubal done by another Dr. hold needed a hyst for bleeding. There are many Dr.'s who refer to it as "Tubal Ligation Syndrome" you dark find more info about it on the internet.
I have laproscopic (sp?) and was adjectives better after a few weeks. It has be AWESOME to have the freedom of not worrying roughly birth control!! I highly recommend the procedure. hello.i simply had my tubal around a month pain be very tolerable for me,slight cramping,a short time bloating from the gas they use in your belly.i be out of the hospital the same need to use protection/birth control for a few months following a tubal.i am a BABY when it comes to the slightest torment,but i was simply slightly uncomfortable post-op.worthy luck!
I had a tubal ligation and 6 years following got pregnant. When my daughter be born, the doctors from Cleveland Clinic were amazed to see that the procedure be still in tact and I be holding a baby girl! Just remember that if God wishes you to have more children, He can arrange it! My son be 18 1/2 years old when she be born! He was going surrounded by the Marines.

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