Why am I getting menstrual cramps when I'm not on my time of year?

Answers:    You might be ovulating, a cyst on your ovary, or it could be something else wrong like endometriosis (see http://www.endocenter.org for details something like it).
you may be just ovulating.. you might be pregnant it is be of the first signs
i get this on and rotten too, i know ovulation can be painful , rough sex can produce crampy pains It is normal that this happen - it's the way that your body is getting primed for your period. But your doc can furnish you pain killer for cramps. I've tried taking cod liver oil pills a few days past my period - but you hold to watch your diet intake as these make some people gain shipment. These worked for me.
You may have a polyp surrounded by your uterus. Go to the gyno and have a sonogram done to rule that out. (I have one, no big deal...it be removed..but you need to do a sono)

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