Birth Control Death?

Okay well, My friend os sexually alive and she told me that she was pregnant and that the birth control kill it and that it came out similar to a period.she wasen't upset at adjectives and I would think that would incentive some emotions..she also said that happen to some other girl at school...the question are:
1)Is this a form of abortion?
2)Can you purposely take birth control to murder the baby?(Like do you know if you're pregnant and waste it?)
3)What is up with her emotion?
4)How would I tell her that I judge she needs to be somewhat more careful when she's have sex?
She's only 15 by the channel

Answers:    (1) I've heard that birth control pills can sometimes abort, yes. A morning after pill is a massive dose of BC pills (from what I understand), so it make sense to me that it could work kinda. I wouldn't rely on it as an abortion method though.

See the first link below (the just non-Christian/pro-life skewed article):

"Lacey's pharmacist and Kelley's doctors are among hundreds, perhaps thousands, of physicians and pharmacists who very soon adhere to a controversial belief that birth control pills and other forms of hormonal contraception--including the skin patch, the vaginal ring, and progesterone injections--cause tens of thousands of "silent" abortions every year. Consequently, they are refuse to prescribe or dispense them."

And the second life is pro-life, so remember they hold a reason to push this, but they do enjoy quotes from some medical people:

(2) It shouldn't other kill the newborn, otherwise we would have smaller amount "birth control babies" (babies born to parents who were using the pill and/or other BC). Just using logic on this one. A lot of populace use the pill and still wind up next to a child. Then again, I guess they would stop the pill once they find out, or have an abortion, so I don't know the medical effects of the pill on a child since nobody keeping a child would verbs to take it. (link three)

"What if you find out you’re pregnant and you enjoy been taking the pill. Won’t the hormones within the pill hurt the fetus?

Generally, no. The same hormones that are in the pill are also within a woman’s body. Research has not shown any most important effects on the fetus (baby) if the woman used pills until she found out she was pregnant."

(3) I enjoy no idea what is up next to your friend's emotions. I guess she have different values than you. She might not consider the fetus a baby. Not everybody is pro-life and finds it distressing to hold an abortion.

(4) Just ask her what precautions she uses. Let her know it's best to be super-careful, even if the pill worked as an abortion, it might not in the adjectives (nobody I know uses that as a valid abortion form, I'm tempted to speak she actually basically miscarried). She should be using a condom and spermicide in enclosure to the pill (PLUS, if possible, I would try to own him withdrawal only before he cums... NOT a valid BC on it's own, but within conjuction can only help). I know she's simply 15, but I'm guessing you're not going to change her mind, so you can just suggest ways to be more careful.
Birth control prevents ovulation, it does not destroy the fetus. Birth control shouldn't kill the child..
Birth control when used correctly works like this: it "tricks" your body into thinking it's pregnant so you don't release the egg needed to in actuality become pregnant. If you're friend took it correctly, then the likelihood of her even getting pregnant would be very slim. Birth control cannot stop midstream a pregnancy. It only tries to prevent it. Same beside the morning after pill. It does not terminate a pregnancy, but fairly it tries to prevent it. Also, your friend just may be adjust to her birth control pills so it's normal for her emotion to be all whack for the starting months. Birth control can be used similar to the morning after pill, but she would have to use it excluding prescribed. Chances are she just have a heavy time of year with lots of clots.

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