Is within anything I could do to fix my sex drive?

My sex drive died when I went on the birth control shot. The shot wore past its sell-by date two months ago, and I still have no desire to enjoy sex.
It is depressing the hell out of me. Even if I try to have sex next to the boyfriend it hurts like I consistency no wetness (although he says I hold some) and I don't get any pleasure out of it. Oral sex only just makes me be aware of gross now, when I used to love it.

It is primarily ruining mine and my boyfriend of about 2 years relationship because he think it's his fault that I won't/can't do anything next to him. It's not his fault, it's my stupid bodies shortcoming. He doesn't understand that.

I talk to my doctor about my problem, she said that it's probably because of the shot and to pass it time. Its been going on for 5 months since I have have sex. I don't want to give it more time.

Anyone enjoy any advice on how to fix it? Nothing get me turned on anymore, and I miss it :(

Answers:    The birth control shot is still a hormone.

Unfortunately, the shot getting out of your system does take time.

Until you start regaining your sex drive, adjectives I can suggest is baby steps.

Act approaching it was up to that time you started having sex...the flirting, the relationship focus, etc...and try to work spinal column up to sex from there.
OMG I AM THE SAME WAY.. IM ON THE SHOT... DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME IT COULD BE DUE TO THE SHOT... I HAVE HAD A YOUNGIN AND GOT ON THE SHOT.. SEX IS UNCOMFY FOR ME NOW AND I HAVE NO DESIRE FOR IT AT ALL. AND ITS THE SAME FOR ME ABOUT ORAL.. I THOUGHT IT WAS A MIND THING. Hmm, I'm sorry to hear that you are have this problem. I have problems next to dryness to ever since I went on the pill, but I enjoy read that If you drink a good amoutn of wet each time then this can abet alleviate the problem, I think deeply if you are a bit dehydrated next obviously you skin and mane will dry out and the same go for vaginal wetness. Also, diet can be related to sex drive, a diet high within zinc and vitamin enriched foods is said to be capable of play a part. Basically I ponder that if you try to eat more vegetables and fruits and foods that are rich within vitamins this will help, a bit than eating discouraging foods which do nothing for our bodies. Maybe you also try some herbal supplements resembling a multivitmain specifically for women, som women's multivitamins are advertised next to particular insinuation to labido boosting, I'm not sure of any American ones, but here in Australia in that is one called any WYLD for women or Wild for women. Or you could try the herbal supplement horny goat weed, which is supposed to heighten the libido. Also maybe if it hurts you to own sex because of the dryness, you should try to use a lot of lube to generate it more comfortable for you.
I hope this will help, im sure the situation you are within must be very annoying.
Well it is because the shot and it will appropriate quite some time so that you can perceive the urge again. Their are some girls that try new things to obtain it back. Some times clean things get them hornier than the routinely ways they use to hold sex with. If you obligation more help perceive free to email me. I am 20 too. I would suggest going to a doctor and telling them. He might know how to help you. I know they enjoy things on the market. I don't know much going on for them.
Try eating lots of chocolate and using lube. Maybe if you hold a good experience it will get hold of you back surrounded by the mood. Hi, I have be in your situation and hold had no sex drive in the past. It's not fun and can ruin relationships. I needed something to get support into it, basically I needed a feminine viagra. A friend told me about a intuitive female libido improvement that gives bad no side effects, just an increased libido and other benefits. I save and got more info at - after I tried it for a couple days my sex drive be astonishingly getting higher. Now it's be a couple months and the sex doesn't get any better..the orgasms are method better also, these herbs are great

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