Flu and Pregnancy?

Can you please tell me what you feel like when you get pregnant. Alot of people utter they have flu resembling symptoms. Is this true. My husband and I are ttc # 2, but my periods are irregular( 1-3 times a year) and I don't know when i ovulate. I've have a fever of 99.4 adjectives night and light of day, I feel achy adjectives over, and my stomach is very queezy. I've have a headache and dizziness for 2 days. I have no strength or zest. If we conceived around Jan 27th, would I have these symptoms this untimely and when would a hpt show up? Any answers is appreciated.

Answers:    I felt immensely sick with my son, resembling the flu. My signs showed up almost immediately. You could purely have a bug explicitly going around too. Good luck though.

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