I have need of support! My mom of late just now go through surgery for cervical cancer...?

They took everything out, her ovaries, and other things. Now she takes hormones but they breed her feel bleak. She says that she is really depressed. Do women really touch that bad after going through a surgery similar to that? I mean, her surgery be about a year ago but she say she is not the same individual anymore. I just want to know if women really do perceive really bad after that.The doctors told her she'd be fine but I want to to know if she's exagerating?

Answers:    No, she's not exaggerating. Many women own trouble finding the right hormonal combination that works for them. Most doctors don't understand this, and lately prescribe the same entry for everybody and then merely blame the victim (the woman herself) for her problems, when it's really the wrong hormone combination. I outstandingly very significantly recommend that your mother check out this internet discussion group: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/SGS...
The advice nearby will help her to filch charge and find the right types of hormones. There are dozens of different types, but doctors generally lately prescribe Premarin, which is one of the oldest (and usually one of the worst) types to use. They also have a net page: http://surmeno.blogspot.com/2006/07/tabl...
Please please please encourage her to walk there and read the materials. This is solid information that will backing her incredibly. I know exactly what she's feeling in a minute since I went through matching thing. There's no point for her to suffer anymore. Solutions are out there!
Email me for the info! A lot of women equate their womanly parts with their nouns and their usefulness so they feel resembling they've lost something when they lose these. You might consider suggesting she talk to someone to minister to her get over these state of mind and move past it. Try to be perception.
Do you remember when you hit puberty and all of a sudden you have hormones and you became a youth? You were moody, feel awkward, not sure where you belonged, etc. She's going through an even more severe form of that single she's lost her hormones. Plus, if she's not that old she's mourning the loss of her competency to be youthful and carry children. Also, her lack of those hormones is in fact affecting the way her brain functions, she will diverge now. She may requirement to see a councilor or join a support group so she can bargain to someone about it. Try mortal supportive and quit telling her to find over it, that's not helping. Since your mother lives in her body, not her doctors, I'd tend to bear her word for how she feels. The physical trauma of surgery, as all right as the anesthetics, can have a depressing effect on one's chemistry. Sudden loss of hormone producing organs can also hold the same effect. Hormone replacement dream therapy can never be as good as the existing thing.

I have a sneaking suspicion that you should be supportive of your mother. She's going through a rough time, and the last item she needs is to own someone she loves belittling what she's experiencing. Some day you might be contained by your mother's position. How would you want your daughter to treat you?

It might be a good notion for your mother to find a new doctor, preferably a woman, but clearly someone who will treat her with respect.

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