PMS symptoms, is this common?

I've been on depo for the second 6 years and just go off finishing month. Now I'm getting my first period surrounded by 6 years and am wondering if it's normal to surface this way.
- I am extremely exhausted. I get 8 hours of sleep last dark, had an hour and 20 minute rest a few hours ago and can barely hold on to my eyes open. Also, I enjoy been almost falling asleep within my night classes the concluding 2 days.
- really bad cramps, to the point where on earth I don't know if I can exercise.
- extreme eye rolling. Everything is irritating me (I know that one is normal:)

I'm mostly purely concerned about intuition so tired!! Is that normal?

Answers:    PMS essentially makes women tired. Since you haven't experienced this contained by so long, you're body is not used to it, and is over react. It is natural, so don't verbs. Give it a couple days, drink some coffee, and u should ffeel normal again within a couple days!! good luck!
Yes, fatigue is a adjectives symptom of PMS. yeah it definitely is completely commonplace. I get so tired during that time. Just perceive so drained. It happens =]
yes it is. your body is goin through the transformation of not having that depo shot. my freind said it took 2 cycles previously her body knew what to do. but you still inevitability to keep live and take midol, it help with bloating and headache during your menstral Women have different symptoms and at varying degree. I would say yes though, if the cramps are really discouraging try a hot water bottle, hot tea (herbal cramping tea can be found at a robustness food store), and stay away from caffine and cold drinks. It helps me.
lol extreme eye rolling... yes i contemplate this is pretty normal. pocket multivitamins on a regular basis they might oblige. also try thermacare heat patch they r good for cramps

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