Pregnancy and herpes?

usually wouldnt ask such a personal question, but im extremely badly worried and curious..

About a month ago i was Diagnosed near herpes, they say pregnant women own flare ups alot more, and the first one is always the worst. Im 27 weeks pregnant. my doc say the hormonal imbalance cause the outbreak. Before you all start calling me name, ill bring up to date you i lost my virginity to my husband and im not a skanky person. My husband be tested and he was gloomy for herpes. My doc says i may enjoy gotten it from my mom, because she has it, and have had it for over 30 years.

Now my query is.. for pregnant women dealing with herpes, what are some preventative measures you took to not bestow it to your baby? I know not a hundred percent have a c bit most likely to prevent giving it to my toddler especially if i have a break out, and im fine near that, but how did you deal beside it? Im so afraid that im going to give it to my kid, and he will be burdened with these grisly sores like i am.


Answers:    I don't know if i.e. accurate about you have possibly caught it from your mother - when I have researched neonatal herpes, the most adjectives symptoms to have would be of the mouth or eyes, afterwards the skin of the face. and possibly the body skin. It would be unusual for it to own caused such specific symptoms surrounded by you, which have never shown until presently. If you have type 1, it is also possible that any you or your husband have caught oral herpes (cold sores) at some point surrounded by your life, and own transferred the virus down there, and the stress on your body of self pregant has a moment ago brought the symptoms out. It is possible, but rare, to verbs your own oral herpes infection to your genitals. It is also possible that your husband does still have herpes - depending on which blood interview they gave him, not adjectives of them are particularly accurate. Even the best make available a false negative rate of 2-10%, not that it really matter where you get it from.

I understand how you're attitude. I have herpes, and my sister have it too. I'm not a mother, but my sister has have three natural delivery without any problems at adjectives. I hope I can too.

If you have have herpes a while, there is truly a very vastly low risk of giving your baby herpes. However, they may want to do a c-section on you since you own first developed symptoms during the pregnancy. A c-section shoud allay all your worries and protect your tot if it is really bothering you.

Here is a medical study of herpes, it has the best information I own ever come across and has a angelic seciton on neonatal herpes, which you may find helpful.
i would never name you nasty name, i too was diagnosed next to herpes about a month ago, and apparently i get it from when i was raped. however, im not pregnant, but man that i want to have more children, i hold looked into this alot, and the best info that i have found from wanting to hold a vaginal delivery is to avoid sex during your concluding trimester.

my gyno told me that the only path to transfer herpes to a newborn is through vaginal delivery if you are have an outbreak at that time!! if you have a csection here should be no way that your kid could contract herpes from you whatsoever.

another great website to look for information about this is

also google genital herpes and pregnancy, at hand is a TON of information!!

relax, please try not to stress to much, its not good for the infant!! and congrats on the baby, i hope you enjoy a healthy confinement!!

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