Birth Control?

I heard somewhere the Birth Control can oblige your face clear this true??

Answers:    Yes, you can progress to the doctor and ask fora birth control pill that helps acne. My friend have this pill. It has lasting hormones in it to clear up acne.
Birth Control have always lead to lighter periods and clearer skin for me... Its true for some race, but remember, everyone is different. What type of birth control were you looking at? the pill, patch, diaphragm? near are many choices...
For some ancestors, yes. For others, it can make it worse. It's a trial and error piece, unfortunately, and it take several months to really see a positive difference, if there are any. Make sure it's worth it to you to contract with the other hormonal side effects. Speaking from 10+ years of Pill experience, I'd fairly keep my monthly cramps and occasional blemishes than perceive like a completely different human being with little control over her emotion.

Another warming: the key reason bcp's promote your skin is because they lower testosterone. Testosterone plays a big role in your sex drive. Lower testosterone=lower sex drive. That, to me, be huge bummer that I could no longer deal next to.
i have never hear that one but i heard roughly some , that will give u big boobs Yes, nearby is one that specifically markets itself as shooting up complexion. Ask your doctor.
The site acne states

"Birth control pill dabble in its two responsibilities. First of adjectives, to control birth, its primary responsibility and second to treat acne in women. These pills are rather effective contained by the sense that they are capable of shifting hormone levels contained by the body and they can reduce the acne cause effects of testosterone."

But from someone who was on birth control for 8 years, I outstandingly advice against it. There are those who love the pill but I despised it. My moods were CRAZY and I never feel like myself. Also immediately that I went bad (for almost 1 year), I have a totally hard time becoming pregnant. My extent is never normal and my hormones are even crazier.

I would wish any other options first, but if you prefer to go near the pill, try yaz or ortho tri cyclen, I heard they be the best!
some can. Im on Orthotricyclen and it has be proven to clear may take close to 6 months but it has be proven to help it.

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