About Menopause?

If a women started puberty at a younger age, is it likely that she could start menopause at an faster age as well?

What is the average age that a women starts menopause?

Answers:    Now they enjoy a name for pre menopause they bid it peri menopause. Can start on average around 40-45 years. And it can start earlier as powerfully.
Yes, you are more likely to start previously if you had puberty at a younger age. It can come to pass as early as your 40's. I ponder the average age is 50. Average age for menopause is 51, but that's just a number. Also, peri-menopause (or the start of menopausal symptoms) can begin 10 years until that time the complete cessation of menses. I started having hot flashes and night-sweats and spotty period two years ago at the age of 43, but it only last for a year and then everything go back to mundane. My doc said it's because it was element of peri-menopause. I don't know if menopause begins nearer when puberty came hasty.

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