Menstrual Cramps?

I've been on birth control for give or take a few 8 1/2 months and I still get menstrual cramps.. what else can I do to construct them less severe or gone adjectives together?

Answers:    Is this the first pill you've tried?? I had to try two past one I found that actually regulated and stopped my cramps. It may transport anywhere from 3-6months to take effect but I come up with you're past that. I have excellent results from Ortho Tri-Cyclen. You should consult with your OBGYN in connection with this.
Try taking some naproxen sodium. The brand name is Aleve, but if you buy the bottles that merely say "naproxen sodium" it works purely as well as the more expensive brand-name product! I find that naproxen sodium is the best nouns of menstrual cramps out there!

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