Orgasm quiz?

How long is an orgasm? like, a couple second or something? cuz I had a sex dream close to 2 nights ago, and i have this sensation (you know where) that felt apposite, and sometimes this happens during the hours of daylight too... I doubt it was an orgasm but its possible and i be just wondering...

Answers:    i enjoy a whole range-

No Visuals - 5-10 second
Visual (Still Picture- 12 seconds max
Small Screen Porn- 10-15 second
Big Screen Porn (tv)-sometimes up to 30 seconds
Sex- most of the time roughly a minute of continuous climaxing.

It depends
Im pretty sure you would know .. you should actually try to enjoy one ..and when you basically cant rob it anymore then you probably own had one ..( if it be a good fancy ..not a bad one) Well mine can later like 45 second at the most..
but it depends how good you dream up it might be i guess..

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