Pregnancy or flu?

i spotted a week after husband and i had sex. last 3 days? and went away. i be REALLY emotional so i assumed it be pms. My eyes have be hurting/vision going away ( I don't have diabetes), strong headache, back cramps, ribs hurt--i can grain my pulse more ( if that matters) feel sick and the cramps come and go ( on final and sometimes leg) but i havent thrown up--though sometimes i feel approaching im about to. throat sore surrounded by morning but the congestion goes away by daytime. everything lately comes back earlier bed and in the morning...ive get the symptoms of the flu but no fever. my interval is due period symptoms similar to normal. except my breasts are fairly full. (after spotting--they itched alot) feel similar to ive gained but that prob. could be from nouns and bein in bed ( no exercise ).counsel? just flu or more? its be almost a month since all this begin

Answers:    You could be sick--sore throat, congestion but you could also be pregnant. Were you due to have your interval when you spotted? I didn't realize I was pregnant right away because I spotted at the time when my time was due but it never fully come which is odd for me. I took a pregnancy assessment a week later and it be positive. You can spot when the fertilized egg implants to the uterus wall.
snds approaching the flue

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