Is it possible to miss your spell lately from stress?

(for more than just one month?)

Answers:    Absolutely yes.

I missed 2 months once a couple of years ago.

If it continues for much longer I would suggest seeing your doctor only just in skin there is something else going on.
if you are atrociously stressed, and or you have a low fat/protine diet. it can dissapear until you harmonize your self out again. Yeah, you can. Dont stress so much. Its realy unhealthy for you. No thing how hard it is. Try your best to live through it & remember energy goes on. Things surface for its reason for better or worse. Just live your vivacity up to ur own expectations & no one else's.
Not typically. Three non-hazardous reasons I know.

1. Stress, but that usually spreads out the time between period, and thus make them irregular. Id would verbs if it was 2 months.

2. Underweight. If you are underweight, you can lose your term entirely. But then you have need of to get stern up to a healthy mass because no period can tapered your bones, and you can get osteoporosis.

3. If you a moment ago began have your periods, afterwards they are irregular anyway, and small changes can hold a big effect. So, if you just started, and you are enormously stressed, then yes, it could be stress.

4. The one you dont want: pregnant: only get an over the counter pregnancy testing. If you are embarassed, get a friend to bring back it for you, and be with you when you do it.
Oh yes, it happen all the time.that's basically one of the many reason to miss periods.pregnancy, bulk loss, traveling. Yes definately, stress and extreme dieting or excercise can cause it to.

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