What are your opinion on physicians who deny tubal ligation on the foundation...?

Of age and how many children (or no children for that matter)? Perhaps even religious reason?

Answers:    my dr tried to talk me out of it when i looked-for it done at 25. i had 3 kids and have gotten pregnant EVERY time i had sex while not on some sort of birth control, and once even when i be on birth control. i KNEW i was not going to want any more children, but nonetheless i had to hear the you are too babyish, you will change your mind subsequent and regret this speech. he finally did do the procedure, after he made me wait a year after my daughter be born to " think roughly it" it is now 8 years past due, and while i sometimes think i would approaching a baby, i only just visit my friends who hold babies and remember all the sleepless night and remember that i have 3 wonderful kids and i know i made the right choice. the merely drawback they never tell you almost is that your periods bring back way harder and so do the cramps after getting your tubes tied. apposite luck.
Get a different doctor? I think they are within the wrong. If a woman wants and wants her tubes tied, then she should be capable of get it done.

Doctors involve to keep their religious beliefs at home.
Who died and made them God? Its a womans body, not the doctors. I judge the woman should be able to formulate her own choices. They either shouldn't be a doctor or should be working somewhere where on earth they only see patients that enjoy the same beliefs. Like a religious vigour care facility or something. That is ridiculous.
What's the hurry? Maybe your doctor is worried that you will regret the decree. Things change. Unless at hand is a really good use, like some congenital disease, I don`t know you should just put it stale for a while. Your doctor is probably just worried roughly speaking your motivation. Try to see it from his/her perspective for a while and then consult another doctor. They shouldn't be practicing. I know they do it... some also require a husband's consent, mine did.

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