Orgasm girls and boys...?

I read about a study that be done on this (well, not masterbating but on orgasms) and men and women had to describe them within detail and they found out that men and women feel the exact same approach and described the exact same sensations. So it would be equal.

The closest way to describe how an orgasm feel is how a mosquito or mimo bie fees wene u scratch it... Do u agree?
.Females... Males

Answers:    i dont meditate i would have orgasms if they feel like that. an orgasm feel like an orgasm and similar to nothing else. its an undescribleable pleasure that you hold to expirence to believe.
huh? Yeah, what she said.
Male here. And while I agree from what I have hear women describe, the big O has to be intensely very similar.. I would speak it in no approach feels approaching wanting to scratch a mosquito bite. I distinctly haven't heard of womanly squirters. Before they "squirt" or ejaculate most describe it as a feeling of have to go pee but they don't.
Not correct to my familiarity.. Ever had your manager washed beside a shampoo, which includes peppermint ? All tingley on your head. Ripples of extreme happiness, a burst of painless effort,a quiet to it. Picture this: remember those hand held buzzers that use to shock the other those hand ? Like have that ripple through your body. NO
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