My wife is on zoloft (labido killer) and levothyroxin for underactive thyroid. how does she bring back sex drive fund

we use to do it lots but the last 4 years it have went from at tiniest 3 times a week to she does it maybe once a month because i grasp moody (like she doesn't want me).so she does it just to gratify me. I am (and you can ask her) probably in the top 10 percent of greatest husbands within the world. is there something unconscious or prescription she can take? I inevitability advice. i miss love making more than sex please relief with warning and knowledge.

Answers:    You should convey her to try a natural womanly enhancement. I own been in that and it's not fun for relationships. I tried Hersolution and have pleased my husband adjectives night in a minute. I saved on it at the time at also. She should be outlook these potent herbs working inside a day or two. Youll be sunny
Tell her to ask her doctor about tally some Wellbutrin in. It brings your sex drive rear. time and give her money for shopping:)
individually i think antidepressants are crap..she shouldnt pocket em..anyway as far as her sex drive, try some herbal remedies u can pick up at GNC..some work some don't its kind of hit and miss Get a hooker, that's what I do.
Try tally some romance to the mix. Zoloft isn't necessarily a libido killer. On 40 mgs for me, it made me horny as hell! Everyone react differently. If she is needing the zoloft, probability ae she is suffering from depression. If depression isn't being help by her T4 medication, chances are she is a poor converter of T4 to T3 and would be better rotten going on a medication contsining both T4 and T3 and getting of the Zoloft. I will put a link below that you can read up on.

I started out on T4 when I be first diagnosed. I still had lots symptoms tha did not go away near the T4. I switched to Armour and 95% of my symptoms are gone. The T3 helps near symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, depression, hairloss, and muscle and joint ache.

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