PCOS at 16?

Yesterday i was diagnoised next to PCOS i am 16 what does this mean? My doctor is waiting on my labs up to that time he starts me on Birth Control and some diabetic medicine? I own also heard it is a time long condition. I love giving blood will this stop me from doimg this? Any information and websites will help.

Answers:    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I be diagnosed when I was 22. PCOS symptons include:

Ovarian cysts

Weight gain

Facial/body spike

low energy


Skin tag

Dark patches of skin



Irregular period

Thinning hair on your boss

High blood pressure


You may have some symptoms, You may enjoy them all, and you may simply have one or 2. I singular had a couple symptoms so it come as a shock to me. If you're put on proper medication You can get rid of several of the symptoms (Such as the bulk gain, and the infertility). People with PCOS live faultlessly normal lives, they only have to pop a pill once or twice a morning. And if you wanted kids when you get older, dont meditate that this is a life sentence and you'll never be capable of have them. People next to PCOS who went on medication hold had successful pregnancies.

i enjoy pcos and have 3 kids next to no help. you can furnish blood no problem. it is a life long condition. it is different beside every woman. check out the site and read for yourself well. i be diagnosed with pcos at 15. i am in a minute 16. what you can drfinitely do is google ur question, u should capture alot of help from that.

virtuous luck!
Go to www.soulcysters.net. They hold several message boards full of information, including a specific teen board. PCOS is, indeed, a life long condition, but you can bring it under control - it only just takes intricate work! Take your medication, watch your sugar intake and EXERCISE REGULARLY. We are prone to "apple" shipment (excess fat contained by the mid-section), and paired with insulin, PCOS can really put the pounds on you.

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