Fat Free Birth Control?

Does anyone know of a form of birth control (preferably the pill) that doesn't cause you to gain solidity? I want to be safe, but I'd fairly not bulk up in the process. Suggestions? (Please and thank you!)

Answers:    Hun, everyone react to birth control differently. I know that when I was on the pill (ortho tricyclin lo) I loss bulk but by boobs ans booty got huge. (loved it). Then I took the shot and that cause me to loose even more weight this time short the boobs and booty. So we all counter differently to birth control. I do recommend something with low amount of hormones though.
yeah, hold an asprin between your knees no, it really depends on the human being. the shot is almost a guarentee of weight gain. but the pill is freshly kinda a 50 50 chance. i've be on the pill for over a year. and the first few monthes i lost weight, but im also surrounded by college and im poor and cant afford a lot of food. ask your doc though, i'd progress the pill route if i were you.
adjectives the ones i know of have that risk, but remember: not everyone have the same side effects. i would cooperate to your doctor to be sure.

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