Can I Get Pregnant While On Birth Control, I Haven't Got My Period, Advice Please?

i use Yaz birth control, i have be on bc for a lmost a year, taken my pill everyday, on time, never missed a pill.etc. Now every month i other get my spell on a friday late night/early saturday morning, no if's ands or butts roughly it. Well it's Sunday and no period. I havent have this happen beforehand ever. Me and my boyfriend had sex several times within this month. We use condoms everytime, two times it broke. The second time it broke was one and the same day i started my unusual pack. So not sure if i could be pregnant. i am going to take a audition tomorrow. but will it show up if i am? i dont' wanna start my pills (new pack) today and have no extent or don't know if i am prego. oh and also i do have lights cramps, but no extent (no blood whatsoever). Anyway any advice is accommodating thanks.

Answers:    yes i enjoy gotten pregnant on the pill. my boyfriend didn't believe it was possible but the doctor told him it be highly credible because the pill changes your body hormones and functions so anything can throw that sour, stress, medications , multivitamins your diet anything ...

within my situation the pregnancy was ectopic and i have to have emergency surgery
Birth control is not 100% reliable, although it's immensely close. A late or missed extent can be attributed to a number of factor. For example, a lot of stress could effect the consistency of your cycle. It's best to play it locked and take a question paper, but keep within mind that taking a test too untimely can also effect the accuracy of the interview. If you do decide to testing this early, variety sure you follow up with a second check in a couple weeks if you do not achieve your period. It is possible, but extremely extremely unlikely especially if you've taken adjectives your pills and all at the right time.

I would voice you should probably start your new pack today. Otherwise, if you're not pregnant, and there's still sperm inside you, delay the pack might make you become pregnant!

However a tryout should show up so you can try taking one, or see a doctor for a blood test. I do mull over you should tell your doctor and/or pharmacist that you didn't get hold of a withdrawal bleed this month and see what they recommend. I know it can arise sometimes, not sure why. And also I have read surrounded by some pill information brochures that missing one bleed isn't an issue but after two they check for pregnancy. I would say verbalize to a professional and take a examination. But I think you should start the clean pack.
It is too son to tell but the pill is not 100% out of danger if you have be on any other medication or had a stomach bug it can effect it. I get pregnant on the pill and I was religious going on for taking it. if you become ill and enjoy to take antibiotics this can affect the pill. Doctors relate you to take extra precision and use condoms
absolutely you can achieve pregnant. I have 2 markedly close friends that this happened too. I would voice in your luggage, you have zilch to worry around, there are a mixture of things that can delay you time that are not related to being pregnant. Your body is supposed to be regulating your hormones, this is how you be designed. Often the pill is used to force periods to be regular, as resourcefully as protect from pregnancy. I’ve seen adjectives kinds of bad side effects, from small nuisances, like this, to women whose entire enthusiasm is messed up forever like loosing their uterus, or simply becoming sterile. I basically talked to a women within this predicament, she had taken the pill for years. When she be ready to gain pregnant, she stopped the pill. After 3 years, no period. Doc said this is what the pill does, stop the eggs from self released, and now her body be used to it. There are also emotional side-effects, I acquire suicidal on them. When I was choosing a bc method, I researched them adjectives. What I came up beside was the diaphragm. It works minus hormones so you don't end up next to these huge Natzi hormones overthrowing and controlling your natural cycle. It's similar to a female condom, you can't perceive or see it and neither can he. You put a little spermicide on the rim, which seal it and kills any trouble maker. If you follow directions as to how to use it and do so exactly, it's as effective as the pill, on the pregnancy sector, perhaps better. The doctor will fit you to receive the right size and to show you how to put it in and remove it. It's easier than to remember to thieve a pill everyday when you’re not gonna have sex everyday. You only just have to remember it when you’re going to hold sex. If you forget it, of course it doesn’t work at adjectives. If periods are an issue concerning sex, it won't be anymore. The diaphragm holds the blood over night. It be my favorite bc method. However like the pill, it doesn't protect against std's, or the possibility of getting a disease that will snuff out you.
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