Is near any side efects on sleeping in the nude?

Answers:    yup. its cuz bug bites rite on ur testes! unless u want itchy balls adjectives day...
Not unless you sleepwalk:)
I've hear that for women if you don't wear underwear to bed you're less predictable to get a yeast infection. yah. bugs will craw up your privates and lay eggs
no, No in truth they say its well again because it allows your skin to breath
Only if you're in a Dormitory! no, unless you own fleas, ticks, or bedbugs in your household i regard as it's legit
No, there are no side effects. I do it adjectives the time. Yeah having someone come surrounded by and yank the covers stale!! That would be a negative side effect!
Hope not. Been doing it for 15 years. you might win spyed on.
you might not have time to bring back your clothes if theres a fire! No.
I don't know about side affects. But I would be worried if something tried to crawl in my...**...? Nope I do it!
within is actually nil wrong with it at adjectives, escaping a fire, bug encounters aside, in recent times be careful you don't sleep within a draft and get a chill within your kidneys: that is really discouraging. No. I love to sleep naked. I am so much more comfortable.
the solitary side effect is,you will have a more comfortable relaxing sleep,its the single natural agency to sleep there are no solid pruff that sleeping naked will determine giant risk of a disease but there is a risk that by the time you get the impression a hand on you body might be too belated and you have be seen by someone you dont want to as very well in skin of an emergency, but as we all know we come to this world naked and why do we own to dress for everything even to go to sleep?! own a good time sleeping and hope you dont capture a cold with this cold winter
no gloomy side effects, and I m told , sometimes encourages a more independent spirit. Look around Who is looking at you.
I don't reflect so, but this is in Women's Health and I am a guy, so I can't answer correctly. you will draw from chlamydia and die
Ok, ok, this is the coolest one iv'e ever answered other than adjectives the other ones i have answered. my favorite side effect is AIDS and the reality that you will probably die because you're naked surrounded by a bedroom and some one will most likely come within and shoot you for being such an r-tard.

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