During my lofty institution go i don't feel any strain next to PMS, but.?

but during my 18 til present i even cried and sometimes vomiting cause of strain, is it cause of extermination, im just curious coz some society told me about it that have a PMS s some of a reason of have a tumor and im now afraid...how to avoid this anguish having a PMS? some recommend me to take ibuprofen and i did it and it help but some of ibuprofen doesnt help, y? what is the create of having a PMS? i be going to y i have this niggle now that previously i dnt have? plz have need of your help...

Answers:    Hi in that,

Your PMS is due to hormonal changes contained by your body. If someone has alarmed you by saying you might hold a tumor etc, the only means of access to stop worrying is to see your Dr.(Gynae).
As far as I know, if it's just everyday PMS you will most likely be asked to nick Panadol/Ibuprofen..(pain killers)

I would suggest also trying a natural remedy. Have you ever tried Xango - the undamaged mangosteen juice? Its a totally fluent juice and help with population suffering from PMS and a lot of other condition conditions. Do email me if you need more info.
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