What could this be? Someone said HPV but I dont know.?

For the past week ive be having pretty desperate pain contained by my lower back, and have pain contained by my ovary area. Yesterday I go to the bathroom and noticed a THICK strand of discharge that come out of me, that was of late clear, that also happened again today. I don't enjoy any abnormal bleeding, no bleeding during sex...so I don't assume it would really be HPV.
What could be the cause of this discharge? Is this conventional? I did have BV a month or so ago, took tablets, and I figure thats gone...I also have a yeast infection which i treated, and I assume thats gone.

Any advice? Im simply really worried:(
Im a 19 year old womanly if that matters.

Answers:    you must travel to a doctor... Not HPV but it is possible you have PID which can be exceedingly serios. get thee to a GYN pronto
Advise i could supply you is talk to your mom or whoever and travel to the doc Go to a doc... It is possible you partner gave you the yeest infection rear legs. HPV is warts so I don't mull over thats it..GO to a DOC.!!

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