Question re: PCOS?

I was only just told I have symptoms for PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). A little over a year ago I started notice some symptoms, mainly not getting my interval. Then I noticed down growth under my chin and on my arms. I also started notice weight gain, above all around the stomach, which supposedly with PCOS is where on earth women gain the most weight. Then sooner or later it seems, I woke up and notice stretch marks on any side of my belly button. I freaked out. I mean I hold never been the greatest eater or a consistent gym party, but I doubt that would have happen. For over a year I have be living with this and not told 1 single entity, not even my boyfriend. I tried different creams but never really noticed much of a conveyance, and I also didn’t stick with it terribly long. I am so embarrassed by it and every time I think of how disgusting I am anyone almost 24 with stretch results on my stomach. I don’t know what to do and don’t know what options I enjoy. Has this happened to anyone? What can I do? Please Help!

Answers:    Stretch results is the least of your problems.,, You involve to get next to a good doctor that specializes surrounded by PCOS... You may end up infertile and next to some major problems. You can't craft it go away by living surrounded by denial. Now you need to facade up to this and get proactive in the order of it.

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