PCOS within uk -gp nouns of support?

am wondering if any ladies in the uk enjoy had a similar experience to me,
I own had probs near period for a long time, irregular/heavy predominanty the most recent prob have been the severe pms which effects my duration.
This and being tired adjectives the time took my to the gp last spring and i have a thorough check up to rule out any nasties.
An altra sound reveal a few cysts while i be on my period (midcycle is middle-of-the-road time for cysts) and follicle strings.
When discussed with gp she said lots of women own this is nothing significant, but contained by light of my other probs i pressed for a hormone blood theory test and was diagnosed near PCOS in june.
The Dr sent me away next to no info it is through educating myself that i have the caring i have, my GP have the attitude that i am a mild sufferer as i am not overweight and thinks i hold 'nothing to worry about' concerning my fertility.

She has no impression the effort i own to go to stay stay this size (12- just skinny) and i feel i am ..cont

Answers:    I be diagnosed with PCOS when I be 21. My GP was fantastic and printed me out loads of info. At the time I have private medical so she refered me to a gyny. I have have 4 operations within 2 years! I now do not hold the privalidge of private health but I am still getting 100% support and aid from my GP.

I think you should be in motion back to your GP and discuss your worries further. If your still not jubilant then any - get private medical or amendment your GP!

I think it is appaling that you be not given any information or at least pointed within the right direction.

Good luck!
no u aint silly for worrying i have this condition to but havent be given any help any so if u find out any info support groups let me know if u hold local family planning clinic run to them and ask for advice doctors are rubbish at the moment lots of famous those including victoria beckham has it and have three kids so dont worry ur might be ok sorry u enjoy rubbish doctor x Hi there i live contained by the us and also have like peas in a pod thing! My DR placed my on drug call colmid and for 4 month nothing! So me and my next of kin decided to hold a more natural course and I am now ovulating on my own!! That is near only pilfer the herbs for one month!! I go to the health food store and ask them to back me and they were awesome!! I also found this pattern site that really helped me!! I am taking the maca and vitex and the evening primrose grease!! My husband is taking the ginsing!! If you have any more cross-question please Ask!!

Good luck!!
I know this site isnt in the uk, its australian..but it really is an unqualified gem of a site and the women on it are wonderful.

here is information about anything you would close to and need to know and fertility issues are discussed on here as capably.

its worth a look, just browse around site and the forum on in attendance and see if any of it helps you.


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