Feeling really guilty and unpromising in the region of myself for no aim! PMS?

ok i dunno if maybe i've developed PMS or something but roughly speaking 3 days before my interval i started like fear really guilty about stuff i wouldnt in general feel guilty going on for..like my little 2 yr antiquated niece..i dunno why but all of a sudden i only just started feeling guilty in the region of her!! like if i did something wrong and im a desperate person but i didnt do anything!! i havent even really see her..so now i surface kind of depressed..i be thinking maybe it could be PMS.ive never ever have this before and it newly happened to be 3 days in the past my menstrual cycle..has anyone experienced this since with pms? when does it be in motion away?

Answers:    You may want to search Yahoo!Answers for this topic, as it is asked regularly, and have gotten some great answers. Anxieties and guilts about zilch can be due to the hormonal changes that arise monthly that can cause persistent episodes of low blood sugar - something that happens to everybody every morning, but for some it can hang around. For information on its precursor condition – hyperinsulinemia – check out www.mayoclinic.com later search for hyperinsulinemia.
sounds kinda similar to depression.

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