Possible Fibromyalgia Diagnosis - any suggestions?

A workman's comp doctor recently suggested that he feel that I suffer from fibromyalgia. He has referred me to my own flesh and blood physician who of course I can't see until next this week. Are there any specific question or things that I should ask my family doctor in the region of? I don't want to become one of those people that they diagnose near fibromyalgia simply because they don't know what is wrong. Should I be keeping a journal?
Thanks to adjectives for your help!

Answers:    I hold fibro and was see by many Doctors for my diagnosis but I believe that any a Rheumatologist, or a pain specialist should really diagnosis this syndrome for you.

Here is a well-mannered website to look at:
Do a search for FMS and swot up the symptoms. Your family doctor may inevitability to refer you to a specialist. Not all doctors know what FMS is or how to treat it. Also try the website treating and defeat.com
Good Luck My father was just now diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, after person wrongfully treated with arthritus for roughly speaking 8 years. As far as i know, There's only one FDA approved drug out in attendance to treat it & ease the niggle. My dad takes Lyrica and have had amazing results. It make him tired and falls asleep really easily, but it make it to where he can function on a day by day basis. My dad have had everything from colon cancer, arthrisus, torn knees ligaments, open infected wounds, and dozens of surgeries but zilch has ever made him cry except for when he have his fibro-episodes, so i know it can be painful. Just suggest it to your relatives doctor and discuss the possibilities of taking the drug. Insurance should absolutely cover it.

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