For those beside Fibromyalgia - does your employer adopt your diagnosis?

It has be suggested by a doctor that I may have fibromyalgia and he have referred me to my own family doctor for more review, etc. Some days I touch okay but other days I can barely move. I sit at a desk for 8 hours a time and have be tolerating the stiffness, muscle ache, and headache because I like my charge. I'm just curious if anyone have an employer who has be unsympathetic with their diagnosis or if nearby are things I should be concerned with concerning my job going forward.

Thanks for any guidance.

Answers:    There should be no discrimination at work in relation to you having fibromyalgia and no function why you can't progress with your undertaking, but the symptoms can be quite weakening at times. Fibro is a very very well known disorder and your employer should not be unsympathetic, especially if you are doing your job in good health. You need to rest resourcefully after work though - and I mean complete rest. Try to gait yourself and not overdo things. I have two friends who enjoy fibro and what I can tell you help a lot for them and also for me too, because I hold systemic lupus, is VegEPA. This is the name of the capsule and they are made by Igennus. VegEPA is a form of evening primrose oil but it is a inherent one and does not contain DHA like some EPA's do. It help tremendously with the integrated pain and tissue and muscle inflammation. You can purloin up to 10 capsules a year, I am only on 2 presently and one friend is on 5 a day and the other on 4. There is a website you might approaching to have a look at: VegEPA For Me. Just type surrounded by VegEPA and go to the intertwine that is for M.E. The capsule treat M.E as well as fibro and they are risk-free and natural. Your doctor will newly give you spasm killers as in that is no real cure for fibromyalgia at present, though in that some forms of treatment that do help but are costly. You could try acupuncture if you can afford it as that help a lot. Try to attain up from your desk and walk nearly a little - hold a walk to the loo and rear legs, stand up and do some stretching or if you can't leave your desk, do a few exercises sitting contained by your chair, stretching etc. If you've get a good printer beside your computer, go to the following website: This will pilfer you to the Emotional Freedom Technique site (EFT) and you can download the whole instruction book for free - 79 pages. This technique can be intellectual and may help you to become free of fibromyalgia if you stick with with it. Have a look at it anyway and perchance you could find a friend who would be willing to sustain you to go through the technique. There are practitioners but it can cost around lb30 for consultation and treatment. EFT is helping both of my friends. Another friend have very dignified blood pressure and the technique lowered her BP to normal horizontal.

I hope some of this helps and I can make out how debilitating this bad health will be for you. I hope you get some nouns from it soon. xx

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