Birth Control Issues. Please Answer.?

I quit taking birth control about a week or so ago... My boyfriend and I have sex last darkness and he ejaculated within me. And the * didn't come out of me until this morning. What are my chances of becoming pregnant?

We are hoping to start a household soon.

Answers:    the pill can stay in your system for up to 6 months. semen survives inside for up to 5 days. and we both know it merely takes the one. bequeath it few weeks. your at your most fertile 14 days before your spell
50% cant really tell.. hang on to on trying and am sure in time youll become pregnant Birth control is poison. I'm proud of you because you stopped using it. i am not proud of you because you are contained by a sexual relationship without first individual married
When you have sex lacking protection there is other a chance. that will adjectives depend on what type of bc you were using, be you ovulating, etc.
What didnt come out til the morning? & if he ejaculated surrounded by you then theres a polite chance your gonna bring back pregnant. First, at least receive married before you start popping out babies.
it adjectives depends on if it is around the time you ovulate or not. but it could be a pretty good hit and miss you can get pregnant. only wait and see if you get hold of your period or not. It can pocket up to 6 months for the birth control pill to stop working, but this will depend on the type and as you do not include it in the message, I cannot assist there
you are not pregnant if you newly stopped taking birth control a week ago because that is not satisfactory time for the medicine to be completely removed from your system. believe it or not, the birth control is still involved in your blood stream. after give or take a few a month or a few months of not using birth control, it will be easier for you to get pregnant. worthy luck. Your chances of getting pregnant are alike as any other girl who had unprotected sex after stopping BC Pills!
Depends when you be due to ovulate. Day 14 is supposed to be the best. (14 days after the start of your last period).Try not to take too desperate to get pregnant, wallow in the practice, it'll happen soon satisfactory I'm sure! i was on birth control (different brands) for five years. when i go off of it, it stayed within my system about three months, and i have the faux period every 24 days. next i didn't ovulate naturally for another four months, and have no period. some vote that you can get pregnant as soon as you procure off the pill, and i guess it happen, but i think more women enjoy trouble readjusting to their natural cycles. so you could be pregnant, but it doesn't come across likely if you purely went bad birth control pills a week ago.

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