Brown Period.. Scared & Worried.. Possible Pregnancy?

ok so i had unprotected sex. but it be short & we pulled it out way since. so i wasn't too worried. well my first length after that was approaching 2 days late but im bad sometimes any ways so i didnt really worry. it be a short period but it seem pretty normal i cramped and stuff for similar to the first day. very well.. this month when i started it was somewhat bit early and it started as lately like brown discharge. resourcefully i went to bed that dark and i had started my time of year the next morning and it be like bright red. so i be like ok thats dutiful. well i put surrounded by a tampon and later that daytime when i changed it.. there be nothing on my tampon! i be like ohhh no. so ive be on this so called "period" for 3 or 4 days immediately and ive been wearing tampons but adjectives that comes out on it is brown stuff. is this normal or could i pregnant? im so upset please any advice would be wonderful.

Answers:    what you chomp through and drink can effect the color of your effects your urine the only agency you will know is by taking a test...
Worry within and of itself will mess up your period. Chill out and transport an over the counter pregnancy test. The results are enormously accurate. That's what we use in the ER for pre-xray pregnancy test, because the blood tests appropriate an hour or more. PLEASE~GO TO YOUR FAMILY PHYSICIAN OR GYNECOLOGIST! It is VERY important to be checked by a doctor (and it will be confidential). Oh, and from very soon on...USE PROTECTION OR SUSTAIN FROM HAVING SEX ALTOGETHER! Being a single mother is NOT fun! Good Luck! >^..^<
Brown blood is just prehistoric blood, broken down a bit more so it has lost the hemoglobin component that turns blood red surrounded by the air. Cramping and brown flow are the usual for a length that is tardy. Since you had sex, you hold had two period, so the chance of you mortal pregnant is pretty astronomical. You had a short term then, and this one is a ensnare up- that's all it is. However, you did play beside matches and you be lucky you didn't get burned. Withdrawl is not a birth control method, it's how abundant young ladies find themselves pregnant. A man does not enjoy to experience ejaculation to produce sperm, any fluid that he exudes can and does contain sperm. (urine excepted, of course) You are not likely pregnant, but that's give or take a few the only problem you can wipe out. You were exposed to any number of sexually transmitted diseases. I don't carefulness how clean you dream up this fellow was. You be not his first love, and he could carry a couple gifts you don't want. So since you go any farther, draw from yourself to a clinic and get yourself tested and on some sort of dependable birth control. Then bring back yourself a box of condoms and for heaven's sake, insist on using them. Pregnancy is not the worst thing you enjoy to be scared of here. It's merely the one thing you can verbs about the lowest possible at the moment.

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