The pill and sex drive?

i just started the pill today. and it's the first time i've ever be on the pill. anyways, it takes me forever to enjoy an orgasm when me and my boyfriend are having sex. or during oral or even human being fingered. will birth control increase my sex drive? and make me hold an orgasm faster? or will it make it worse?

Answers:    Actually most women identify a decrease surrounded by sex drive. However, check your dosing instructions and possible side-effects. Should be a paper beside the birth control pills either inside the box or stapled onto the RX daypack. Hope everything works out. ^_^
Check the side effects listed beside the pills. Could be some issues that may effect sex. For me, my sex drive has PLUMETED! It's cause problems between my bf and I now.

My first prescription it made my sex drive plumet, and I have to get past its sell-by date of it for severe depression, continual bleeding, major headache, chronic fatigueness, etc..

The second prescription I was merely on for a week and a half and be immediately taken stale of for fear of blood clots but feel that it didn't affect my sex drive too much (no increase or decrease from when I wasn't taking birth control).

The third prescription last me 3 months before man taken off because it wasn't helping me contained by any way next to my cramps or anything and caused some pretty trunk bleeding...I don't think it did much to my sex drive any...although for a good month or so I wasn't interested, however I be under INTENSE stress from institution.

My now fourth prescription have had my sex drive completely plumet. It's sadden. As I say, it's cause ssooo many problems, but we are trying our best to work through it.

According to the pamphlet, reduced/increased sex drive is a pink side effect, yet, on plentiful websites where population "rate" their pill, low low sex drive seems to be the basic problem (eg. Everyone reacts differently - some will experience a reduced sex drive and others will experience an increased sex drive.

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