Birth Control?

I was taking birth control to serve with my acne. I quit taking birth control once previously and my acne was really fruitless. I want to quit for good this time, but I don't want acne. What can I do?

Answers:    If your sexually busy birth control pills are the smart way to step even if you also use a condom- can never be too safe. But if you don't want to lug them and want to get rid of acne my doctor have prescribed tetracycline for me which is an antibiotic. It took a couple weeks to start working but it was amazing! I don't pocket it anymore because I'm on birth control and you can't take antibiotics and bc at one and the same time.
I just cause sure to wash my frontage every night and every morning- lately i've be using neutrogena's deep verbs dual action toner- u freshly swab it all over near a cotton ball and move out it on, it feels great. Then I follow up beside cetaphil facial moisturizer. This combo seems to work markedly well. I also use st. ives apricot scrub twice a week to exfoliate.
The best answer I hold is to treat your acne as best as you can, get a dermatologist if you can. As far as bc I've see women get their lives messed up forever using hormone bc, as very well as the coil and iud. Women have have difficulties all the route up to biggies, like loosing their becoming sterile, need hysterectomies, and therefore their faculty to have babies because of that. I imagine the pill can be very harmful. I get suicidal on it. When I be choosing a bc method, I researched them all. What I come up with be the diaphragm. It works without hormones so you don't extremity up with these huge Natzi hormones overthrowing and controlling your innate hormones. It's like a womanly condom, you can't feel or see it and neither can he. You put a bit spermicide on the rim, which seals it and kill any trouble makers. If you follow directions as to how to use it and do so exactly, it's as influential as the pill, on the pregnancy part, maybe better. The doctor will fit you to get the right size and to show you how to put it contained by and remove it. It's easier than to remember to take a pill everyday when you’re not gonna hold sex everyday. You just own to remember it when you’re going to have sex. If you forget it, unsurprisingly it doesn’t work at all. If period are an issue regarding sex, it won't be anymore. The diaphragm holds the blood over hours of darkness. It was my favorite bc method. However approaching the pill, it doesn't protect against std's, or the possibility of getting a disease that will kill you.
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