How is PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) diagnosed?

How is PCOS diagnosed? Is this diagnosed through a Papsmear?

When trying to conceive, were you put on fertility treatment? What type of treatment (clomid, ivf.)

Thanks :)

Answers:    I be diagnosed with PCOS through a laperoscopy surgery. The doctor used a dye, go in have a snoop and took photos. If you have PCOS, your ovaries will probably look similar to they have a severe acne problem, lol.
When I be diagnosed with this problem I be also diagnosed with endometriosis, the doctor said that I would enjoy to have IVF, or purloin fertility drugs to concieve. I was told this by three different gyno's. So I be not really careful have sex with my partner. Surprisedly I am presently almost 6 months pregnant with my first babyn and its a boy! Brock, due on 10-06-2008.
Dont other believe what the doctors tell you, they can be wrong. And suitable luck.
it is diagnosed by a ultrasound, and blood work too. but depending on how bid the cyst is the doc may be able to surface it, but your utris being enlarged. and yes your doc will put you on fertility treatment if you want to seize pregant. there is clomid and metformin..within are also other things they can do like surgery and seeing if you tubes are clogged buy putting dye within your tubes and inserting a scope too look within there and they can fluse your tubes

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