Birth Control?

I am thinking about going on birth control. I want to know what it would do to my term, if i get it every two months from 4-5 days, particularly heavy flow. I'm not sexually influential and will not be, it's only for my spell. Also, where do I shift get it and do I really enjoy to bring my mom?

Answers:    You would get your spell every 28 days. It would be lighter and probably better from a cramping point of view.

In the US it have to be prescribed by a doctor and the pills have to come from a pharmacy. I'm not sure what the age requirements are, but it isn't free and you'll probably want your parents to take-home pay for it or use their insurance to pay for it.

virtuous luck!

ps - odds are your Mom has/had impossible to tell apart issues with her interval and knows what you are going through. Give her a providence.
taking birth control will regulate your period, you will grasp it at the same time almost every month, and they will most promising be shorter and lighter.
Im sure that there is a clinic that you can goto that will supply you birth control without your parents going. but if you newly want it for your period afterwards you should just reach a deal to your mom about it and hold her go near would probably be better to have her support and support.

hope i helped :)

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