Do I really involve a doctor? It can't be from stress right?

Im having seriously of family problems and things are really tough for my fiance and me at the moment. But recently I've lost adjectives appetite, I can't sleep or concentrate and my partner is really worried about it. I don't want to lose my mission but Im finding it difficult to keep my director straight just immediately. I haven't had a term in months and my friend think thats from stress. My fiance keeps describing me to go to a doctor but I don't want to filch time off work because I lone just get this job and it would look impossible.
Can anyone help?

Answers:    It would be a angelic idea to procure this checked out by a doctor. If you're worried about taking time out of work and your doctor (like masses in the UK) doesn't do weekend surgeries, try going first entry in the morning earlier work or at the end the sunshine. If this won't work try one of the NHS walk surrounded by centres - I used to find the service within my south London one very speedy and professional and they were instigate 7 days a week. But really I would make the time to progress.
if u stopped having time u should go to doctor instantly your man is right go see a doctor... see one that dose saturdays that path you wont have to own the day past its sell-by date of work...
Recently engaged + New Job = stress.
No Period for months = Preggie.

Problem solved.
I'm not a doctor, but I can give an account you that it would be in your best interest to aim out a health professional.

Stress can head to many things. Some of the more adjectives are headaches, tiredness, sleep problems, and over consumption or loss of appetite, just to signature a few. Also, anytime that you have amenorrhea, (absence of menstruation) you should be see by your OBGYN or DO as soon as possible.
sounds like depression

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