I hold fibroids and bleed deeply - sometimes clots and blood comes from my ureathra - is this commonplace?

Answers:    Heavy vaginal bleeding is a normal sector of life when you hold a fibroid. However, bleeding from the urethra is not normal. It's usually a sign of a urinary tract infection. I would travel ahead and put in a name to your doctor to be seen for that. If you do enjoy blood in your urine, you probably do enjoy a UTI, which will most likely require antibiotics.

Blood clots and hefty bleeding are normal for women next to fibroids, but there are treatments for them if you're interested. You can discuss those next to your doctor as well.
Yes, as a personality married to a woman living with fibroids, I must read aloud that, at least for her, it's a majority occurence. So keep on bleedin'. yes this is everyday... but i would go see your doctor tho cos alot of women requirement for their fibroids to be removed so this may be needed for you

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