TMJ / mouth anguish - transient nouns for when you're "self intimate"?

For anyone that has TMJ or severe jaw/mandibular strain when their mouth is opened general:

Is there ANYTHING I can do or steal (other than a lot of alcohol or painkillers!) to dull the spasm when "being intimate" near my boyfriend which requires my mouth to be open for extended period of time? The pain is BEYOND EXCRUTIATING and I can never do anything for more than 4-5 minutes, which I be aware of just very bad about.

I already wear a hours of darkness guard from the dentist to help deflect mess up done by teeth grinding at night.

Answers:    Try to involve your hand as much as your mouth. You can take short breaks. Guys similar to variety anyhow.
Well stop 'being intimate' That type anyways...There's other things you can do. I hold TMJ also. I put hot and cold packs on it within the evening. Switch between hot and cold for about 30-60 minutes a daylight. Helps me alot. Good Luck

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