Menstrual Cramps?!?!?.. Please comfort.?

I've had my time of year for 6 years and this is the first time i've ever had cramps..

Anyone enjoy any advice that will backing?

Answers:    I'll give you few simple suggestions for you to try for both prevention and treatment;

o Clary Sage - Cure.

Clary sage essential grease, this is something you can find in any speciality store that sell essential oils. It inherently supports estrogen production and acting on the pituitary gland helps to regulate menstrual disorders and is adjectives during menopause, so it is good for PMS, menstrual niggle, regulating menstruation, and well also sooth swollen breasts.
Usually when used for uncomfortable periods you use the essential grease of clary sage applied neat to your belly and gently massage in, if it's too strong for you natty, dilute it a little bit beside some vegetable oil.

o Cell-salts - pevention and cure.

Cell-salts are a inbred mineral that your body needs for deep functioning, if you are lacking within these then this can affect adjectives sorts of things in your body, you can whip these daily to give support to prevent menstrual cramps all together or you can appropriate them when you get cramps upping the does every 5-10 minutes until the strain goes away. Wikipedia explains cell salt

o Herbal teas - prevention and cure.

Herbal methods have be used for a very long time and are still popular, as in good health as dealing with menstrual pains they can also be used for other menstrual problem such as PMS, reducing menstrual flow, inducing your period, reducing bloating and regulating your menstrual cycle, most herbs used for menstrual problems can facilitate with common menstrual health that will contained by turn also help your menstrual cramps.
Most of these can be bought contained by tea-bag form from health stores and supermarkets, some stores also stock 'women's blends' that are flawless for all around women's strength, although fresh is best it can sometimes mean have to check how to best prepare the herb, it should also be noted that herbal teas should never be boiled as this affects the potency of the herb. You may also want to check to see if you can use herbs if you suffer any vigour problems or if you are using hormonal birth control.

Herbs to use for menstrual cramps;

- Rasberry leaf
- Yarrow
- Lemon balm
- Black Haw
- Blessed thistle
- Camomile
- Wild marjoram
- Red raspberry
- Wild strawberry
- Valerian
- Blue cohosh
- Dong quai

Another herbal treatment which is markedly much recomended would be evening primrose oil, most condition stores and supermarkets stock this as it is a good all-round women's condition suppliment. Evening primrose oil help to regulate hormones meaning that it can facilitate to prevent menstrual cramps as well as other menstrual problems such as PMS.
More information on herbal treatments for menstrual problems -

o Don't use tampons - prevention and cure.

Tampons are tremendously bad for vaginal robustness in that they prevent commonplace vaginal cleaning, cause vaginal splitting and distribute bacteria the dependable place to multiply, as well as this commercial brands contain chemicals that can interfear next to vaginal pH, bad vaginal form can lead to problems such as menstrual cramps. As powerfully as this tampons expand that can increase bloating that contributes to menstrual pains, many brands will also expand lengthways into your cervix tally to cramping.
Information on tampon health issues from Spotsite -

Instead of using tampons switch to menstrual cups, as very well as there other benifits over tampons menstrual cups are far safer than tampons and don't wreak cramping - most women who switch from tampons to cups find menstrual cramps and menstrual flow reduce - you can attain many different brands from reusable option such as Divacup and Mooncup which are silicone, or rubber cups like Keeper or here are disposable options similar to Instead - reusable cups have a money rear legs guarantee, or Instead off free sample.

If you do wish to use tampons next use safer options such as natural cotton tampons Natracare or sponge tampons like Jade&Pearl as these are made out of innate materials and do not contain chemicals so better for vaginal health.

If you use pad then I'd suggest switching to life cotton pads such as Natracare or Lunapads as although this will not comfort with menstrual cramps because they are unprocessed and do not contain chemicals it means that they are far more comfortable so can engender a huge difference for women with menstrual problems such as menstrual cramps.

o Diet - prevention.

Avoid salt foods and alcohol as these can increase boating by retaining water as very well as making you feel sluggish that can put together period pains worse, drinking abundantly of water can give a hand you avoid bloating as well as help with migraines and headache brought on by menstruation - adding lemon liquid to the water will also lend a hand as this is a natural diuretic.
Eat closely of greens this will help add to general condition as well as impart you a pick-me-up during menstruation.
Avoid foods such as dairy and caffeine as these can cause plentifully of problems for people markedly during menstruation when they can increase menstrual cramps for a lot of ethnic group - soy is also one that you should avoid as this is notorious for cause menstrual pains.
It may be worth taking a food alergy test/food intolerance test because any foods cause problems with your body in essence can in turn affect menstruation and your menstrual cycle - this can be expensive, but preserve an eye out for some health stores that will from time to time give free testing.
Increase your intake of magnesium, calcium, and potassium, also couple beside zinc to help your body hold these easier - these are all things needed by your body to backing the uterus lining shed - also Omega 3 & 6, Multi B beside high B6 and B13, vitamin E is also a upright anti-inflammatory.

o Take up yoga - cure.

Yoga is a very righteous exercise tip because as well as one gentle exercise it also have stretching that can help even further, yoga poses that stretch the tummy - like upward dog are of great relieve.
Breathing exercises are also part of yoga and polite as a general perception to help beside menstrual cramps, some people find this for a time strange, that breathing is something we do naturally anyway, however we normally get out of practice and taking the time to follow how your body moves as you breath and mental exercise can help composed you down.
Try the book 'Yoga for a health menstrual cycle' by Linda Sparrowe and Patricia Walden, or in that are a lot of online information roughly speaking yoga and menstrual cramps, for example this video with postures that would back you - - general stretching of your tummy will help you seriously too.

o Take a bath - cure.

It's simple ample, a bath will sustain to relax you as well as make available you some warmth that will minister to ease past its sell-by date your menstrual pains, taking a warm tub can also help increase menstruation or induce menstruation if you find yourself next to menstrual cramps but a stubbon period that won't show itself.
Avoid things that can wound your vagina like bubble tub, instead try some nice plain bath salt and/or essential oils - I recomend lavender grease or try for some relaxation blends.
You can have baths near tampons, sponges or cups in, or logically don't use anything.

If you're still in your teens or impulsive twenties it's likely to of late be your hormones getting a bit thrown off while your body develops so don't verbs too much about it, basically try to regulate them with something close to evening primrose to help stop it going on again.
Stress could very powerfully be another big factor to your periods, if you hold had a thorny month this month then it would be no surprise that you are getting cramps, so try to relax.
If it continues for more than three months you may want to consider conversation to your doctor, but try treating it yourself first.

Good luck :o)
similar thing happen to me.
take advil,
lay down, relax,
put a hot pad/ heated hose down bottle/ something warm on stomach. it really help

what did i do to earn a thumbs down?? jeez ppl.
use heat patch
it helps alot Boil cinnamon tea.
i enjoy them EVERY TIME but if over the counter meds dont work (my fave is excedren) consult a doctor for precription meds. Definitely take Midol, it works approaching a charm! You can also take it for headache and all that apposite stuff. Hope you feel better! =)
I approaching to get a heat wet washcloth and put it on my belly. They enjoy medicines and stuff to serve but I didn't think they did. Avoid saltly and sweet stuff around that time, I regard it makes them worse, even thou thats the time you craze it. I suppose they also have these sticky things that warmness up for you to put on your belly but I think a washcloth works fine. O and drink lots of marine, try to avoid sodas. hope it helps and you fell better I've tried everything and the one and only thing that help me is advil and heating pad. Are you doing anything differently lately that may have made the cramps show up? (diet, exercise, stress, etc.) Sorry the cramps showed up, they are no fun!

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